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des inle details 1Inle Lake is located in Southern Shan State. It is called "Venice of East". Inle is famous for floating island which are formed with water weeds and earth. You will see the unique way of rowing using his or her leg power. Floating market which runs on a five-day circle can be seen in the Lake. Many kinds of flowers and fruits are plentiful. Visitors can visit to hand-woven silk & Fabric, traditional shan bag, jewellery such as silverwares and factory and charoot factory. The hight light of the trip to Inle Lake is Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda, which enshrines five Buddha Images, Ywama, the largest village on Inle lake. Along the way,  visitors can see the life style of Innthar ( native people of Inle Lake).




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Pindaya is not far away from Inle Lake and 45 Km away from Kalaw. It is famous for its Buddha-filled cave. Pindaya Cave has a legend about a king who conquer again by foot of that place. These countless images are many hundred of years old. By trekking around Pindaya, you can see the daily life style of Pa-O, Padaung and Danu people.
Kakku is 40 km away from Taunggyi and takes about an hour drive from Taunggyi and about two hours drive away from Nyaung Shwe. Populated people of Kakku is Pa-O. Local pilgrims come specifically to acquire religious merit by contributing money to the restoration of the ruins.
Kalaw, a peaceful and quiet town hill station. It was a favourite city of hot season during the colonial period. Many Tudor-style houses and English gardens of colonial days remain.
 Taungyi is the capital city of Shan State, Myanmar. It is the fourth largest city in Myanmar with the population of approximately 200,000. Taunggyi meaning the "Large Mountain" in Myanmar and it is located at an elevation of about 4600 feet above the sea level. Since the city is on a mountain top, the weather is usually cold and gloomy. Although Taunggyi is located in Shan State, the Shans do not form the major population of the city. Inthas, Pa-Os and Chinese are the majority of the main population of Taunggyi. Some smaller ethnic groups can also be seen in this part of the country because of the 5-days market. Being the capital of the Shan State, Taunggyi hosts many government offices. The city is home to the Taunggyi Education College and Taunggyi University. 
Taunggyi is best known for the annual Fire Balloon festival held for one week near the beginning of November each year. For most of every day, hot air paper balloons several meters in length in the shape of various animals are launched and sent floating over the town (if they don't spontaneously combust on take-off, a relatively common occurrence). In the evening the carnival really gets going with the launching of more traditionally shaped balloons carrying cargoes of sweets and fireworks. Definitely one of Myanmar's must-see events, but be warned that hotel prices increase by about 50% during the festival. It's popular with locals, but hardly any foreigners attend. 
The market in Taunggyi is worth seeing. Shan noodles and Burmese sweet tea can be purchased at low costs, and CDs and VCDs are cheap and abundant. Another attraction of the market is the abundance of Pa-O (distinguished by interesting headscarves) women selling fresh produce and inexpensive tea from the Shan hills. 

popa ngwe saung taungoo nyaung shwe pyin oo lwin myitkyina tachileik naypyitaw yangon taunggyi mindat kanpetlet kalaw pakokku mandalay inle thaung daung bago monywa hsipaw kyaikhtiyo bagan myeik pindaya katha tarchileik pyay sittwe kyaing tong loikaw ngapali phyu kawthaung hpa an chaung tha meikhtilar magway dawei mawlamyine mrauk-u

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